W Challenge 2020 FAQ

Please see below for frequently asked questions on the 2020 W Challenge “100 Years, 100 Women: Learn from the Past, Shape the Future” campaign.

How did you decide the 100 women leaders? The W Challenge partners nominated nearly 200 incredible women who have done important work to advance equality. Organizers narrowed down the list to try to create an inclusive and diverse group of women. It was a difficult process as there are thousands of women who have made their mark on our nation, but we tried to uplift women working in a variety of areas to further equal rights, opportunities, wellbeing, and justice who may be lesser known, local, or forgotten.

What if I have a different leader I want to feature? We ask that you share at least one of the 10 leaders from each decade each week. Feel free to tailor the post content (caption or title) to your organizational or individual interests and call attention to others who also worked on similar issues, in a similar time, or are otherwise aligned with the leader you highlighted.

What if my organization cannot post on a certain week? Organizations and individuals can both join in the campaign. If your organization has other content to share one week, find a friend, colleague, or another organization that could post instead. We know it’s a lot to keep up with, but hopefully we have made it fun and easy. As the weeks go on, regular posting should create momentum that not only helps your followers learn from the past but see themselves shaping the future!