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  1. Mary Margaret Morgan, 1866-1946
    San Francisco’s first woman supervisor, Margaret Mary Morgan, was born to Irish immigrants in Portland, Maine. After fire destroyed her children’s clothing shop in 1905, she relocated to San Francisco and was hired by the Walter N. Brunt Printing Company, eventually advancing to supervisor. Sent by the YWCA to China in 1919, she reported on the condition of women there. She also served on the California Committee, National Woman’s Party, demanding ratification of the 19th Amendment for women’s suffrage. In 1920, Morgan was elected president, Business and Professional Woman’s Club, and established a lunchroom, restroom, and library for working women. Following her history-making supervisorial election in 1921, she championed the first municipal camp at Hetch Hetchy (“Margaret Maryland”). Morgan lost her re-election in 1925 after becoming embroiled in a plan permitting PG&E to resell power from the city’s hydroelectric plant. Having opened her own printing business in 1923, she also served as a charter member and director, National League of Woman’s Service; vice president, San Francisco Nursery for Homeless Children; and auditor, San Francisco Center of the California Civic League. Morgan was recognized as “one of the outstanding figures in the ranks of successful business women” in San Francisco.

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