Nadine Taub, 1943-2020

Nadine Taub, 1943-2020

Nadine Taub, 1943-2020
One of a group of groundbreaking women lawyers, Nadine Taub litigated a number of seminal gender discrimination cases before the United States Supreme Court. Her clients included a rape victim held by the police on suspicion of prostitution, the American Civil Liberties Union in their fight to require hospitals to provide women with safe access to abortion services, a female student excluded from elite activities at Princeton University, and some men–including a widower who was denied survivor benefits by the Social Security Administration (whom she co-represented with Kathleen Peratis and Ruth Bader Ginsburg). Ms. Taub founded and led the Women’s Rights Litigation Clinic at Rutgers Law School, where she taught for over 25 years. One of her cases led to the “hostile work environment” test for gender discrimination in the workplace. She co-authored a number of books, including Sex Discrimination and the Law: History, Practice and Theory (1988), Reproductive Law for the 1990s (1988), The Law of Sex Discrimination (1988), and Adult Domestic Violence: Constitutional, Legislative and Equitable Issues (1981). In 2017, Rutgers created a scholar position in her honor. On the occasion, her colleague Jon Hyman wrote, “I remember most Nadine’s vision, intensity, legal imagination, and persistence, all wrapped up in a friendly and engaging personality. Her fierce commitment to the flourishing of women’s rights, and to the enduring place of clinics in law school education, remained constant throughout her many years at Rutgers. And she got results.”

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