The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed deep inequities in our society. Women, especially women of color, are negatively and disproportionately impacted. According to a health study, 70 percent of women ages 18-29 and 55 percent of women of all ages have reported mental health challenges due to pandemic-related worry or stress. The lack of access to quality healthcare, job and economic security, childcare and other family support services, are major barriers many women face today.

We can make real changes by raising our voices and exercising our right to vote. Join our W Challenge community and expand our representation today!

Don’t forget to vote on February 15, 2022! If you have registered to vote, you should have received your ballot by now. You can vote by returning the ballot by mail or dropping it off at one of the 34 official ballot drop boxes across San Francisco. If you have not registered, you can still vote provisionally by visiting the Voter Center at San Francisco City Hall or any polling places in the City. Visit for more information.

2021 W Challenge

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Join Women’s Equality Day Celebration

We celebrated Women’s Equality Day on August 26, 2021 at 12pm in front of San Francisco City hall! Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, City Administrator Carmen Chu, Board of Equalization Member Malia Cohen, joined by city and community leaders announced the 2021 W Challenge – to encourage all eligible women to vote! See our highlights of the day below!

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Vote! Vote! Vote!

This year’s W Challenge is about taking action. We encourage all eligible women to vote for the upcoming election. Many of our participants brought their ballots and dropped them off at City Hall on Women’s Equality Day. San Francisco City Hall is open for extended hours for ballot drop-off and voting. Visit the Voting Center for more information.

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Ask Others to Join You for the #WChallenge

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